Our Story

Our History

Our company was created in 2013, thanks to the iniciative of a group of professional entrepreneurs who decided to travel to the amazonian jungle of Peru, in search of natural products with healing and beneficial properties for the humanity.
Our trip took us to Masisea district in the department of Ucayali, a beutiful place with friendly people, eager to provide all their knowledge that they have obtained their ancestors on their plants, herbs and medicinal barks.
AMRAP is a company formed by professionals and natives of the Peruvian jungle, working within a forest concession provided by the Peruvian state, offering natural products whose properties are guaranteed and proven through scientific studies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and provide the best natural products to the world market using an appropriate forest management plan, this will allow responsible extraction and creates jobs to native communities of the amazon..

Our Vision

Our vision is be the leading company in the production, process and sales of natural products and inputs of the Amazon jungle, directed to the industry nutraceutical pharmaceutical and cosmetic.


Plants of the Peruvian Amazon

We have a large and important variety of plants, herbs and barks; the diversity of climate we have, permit us to find this products in different places throughout the year..


Indigenous Communities

Peru has a large population of indigenous communities without sufficient resources and technical assistance to develop. AMRAP has a compromise, mitigate these shortcomings, providing job opportunities and social assistance..

Comunidades Nativas